Growing and Standing firm

Let me start by saying that it's always a joy for me to write and let you, brother, know about what has been going on in ministry.
        First of all, let me share that Christmas and the New Year went well for me. I hope yours did, too. I spent time with friends and church members. On Christmas , we ate chickens with small sorts of sidedishes. And guess what else! ...RICE! Also, on January 1st, we grilled a goat and ate it with rice. This all happened at a friend's family, whose name is Juliot.

Juliot is one of the disciples in town who is so passionate for the Lord even at a young age. He also is the one leading the service at church on Sundays. He's not only a disciple; but also a closer friend. I have had to spend time with him a lot and sometimes speak into his life when necessary. So, to meet together with his family and have fellowship was amazing. That’s how Christmas and the New Year was like for me.
Additionally, Jean, a church member, offered the chur…

The labor continues on

Merry Christmas from Madagascar!
      It's been a year now since I have not sent a following update after my first Newsletter. So a lot absolutely has taken place. Some of them I have posted on Facebook. I apologize for the inconsistency!
There has been ups and downs in the ministry. For example, this year is when my baby brother left us and went to the Lord. Not to mention how spiritual warfare have brought me low sometimes. So my presence here in Bekily was on and off way back then, because I had more times away from ministry. I was more out there in Fort Dauphin. I had a trip to Antsirabe for a meeting with the TEE (Theological Education by Extension) earlier in April. So that's how ministry was going.

Speaking of the TEE, I had the privilege, 3 months after that meeting in Antsirabe, to complete a 3 year commitment of theological study. I learned a lot and received new insights about pastoral cares and missions. So It'd been an edifying, yet challenging time of dista…

The taste of His works

The taste of His works
Happy New Year from Madagascar!        Now the blog for all of you is eventually out. It's been a while that I have been planning to make it happen to keep y'all updated about the works I do; but everything is at its own time! As you probably know, I went to a district of the Androy Region, called Bekily. It is one of the 4 districts of the region: Ambovombe, Beloha, and Tsihombe. Church members as well as neighbors told me about the area before the trip. It was when a friend of mine and I came to their house for a visit. and as we talked about a mission trip, I told them I am mainly planting churches in Androy. And Bekily is an area my national partners and I have not yet reached.
From then, a couple of friends and I began to seek the Lord's's guidance. We began to pray, asking God for the date, finances, and just about everything related to the trip. During such time of prayers, we were led to make 27th of November to be the date that I would …